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Elwyn (Undertale OC) by Belle-Izumi Elwyn (Undertale OC) :iconbelle-izumi:Belle-Izumi 5 8 Solar Eclipse by Belle-Izumi Solar Eclipse :iconbelle-izumi:Belle-Izumi 4 6 Oc expressions (adult) by Belle-Izumi Oc expressions (adult) :iconbelle-izumi:Belle-Izumi 6 3 Belle-izumi - Commission by iamanelebiscarr :) by Belle-Izumi Belle-izumi - Commission by iamanelebiscarr :) :iconbelle-izumi:Belle-Izumi 0 0 I did a thing :P by Belle-Izumi I did a thing :P :iconbelle-izumi:Belle-Izumi 3 9 OC pony version 3 by Belle-Izumi OC pony version 3 :iconbelle-izumi:Belle-Izumi 0 0 OC pony version 2 by Belle-Izumi OC pony version 2 :iconbelle-izumi:Belle-Izumi 0 0 OC pony version by Belle-Izumi OC pony version :iconbelle-izumi:Belle-Izumi 1 0
Fathers Day
A/N i know this is way off seeing how Fathers Day is on June 16th or September 1st depending where you live, but its my birthday today and this idea just popped into my head, see my Dad is currently working a 12 hour shift so he wasn't going to be there, he isn't known for affection but he has his moments like in the bathroom i noticed on the mirror he wrote 'Happy Birthday love Dad XxX' with a bar of soap by the way lmao XD but to me that alone meant a lot.
so if you've read my fics before you'll know that i am notorious for writing this kind of stuff :p not all the time but most of the time ;P
Father's Day
Jack got off Arcee as they came into base, she barely stopped as she wanted to move as quickly as possible he took his helmet off and harshly threw it across the floor, the bots watched him with wide optics, this wasn't exactly normal Jack behavior, there was this shadow that draped over his forehead as he made his way upstairs he entered the elevator and pushed the buttons with a
:iconbelle-izumi:Belle-Izumi 13 0
The Moon...erm, duh? by Belle-Izumi The Moon...erm, duh? :iconbelle-izumi:Belle-Izumi 3 0 Day One by Belle-Izumi Day One :iconbelle-izumi:Belle-Izumi 1 0
Rebellion Part Two
She tensed up, "Come on, Casus Belli, Casus Belli" she kept repeating to keep her focus as she treaded lightly and quickly along the metal limb as the wind intensified, at the base of the limb and the wall that offered shield from the wind she drew her cannon from her sling as she locked it into place, "Latin expression meaning the justification for acts of war." She continued, "something we class as a 'justified murder' but, it is what it is, but for their cause and our own survival that is, i'm willing to do go to that length, but damn i need to make this shot count. Right so weaknesses, the neck, chest, hips." She then shuffled inside against the wall she looked around the corners, Cons running towards the direction of Ultra Magnus and those that were running towards Arcee and Bumblebees level. "Ultra Magnus is taking on Megatron on the other hand it sounds like Arcee and Bumblebee have their hands full as it is..." she looked on as the units from each side both reaching a corner, s
:iconbelle-izumi:Belle-Izumi 2 0
Rebellion Part One
A/N well it took me while (i wasn't even able to finish it for yesterday :S) but i got there in the end, well the first half will be mostly Ellen and Ultra Magnus so get prepared for some...uh, Ultra Magnus. ^^l and take your time with this chapter, theirs a lot going on O_o
on a note for all you Vehicon aka Steve fans fair warning, i describe some of there demises in graphic detail Forgive me Steve! TTwTT
With the recent update as well as Ultra Magnus's plan to infiltrate Dark mount, Ellen had seen the sections of the fortress itself, Wheeljack and Bulkhead were to approach the fortress head on from below, while distracting Cons there end Arcee and Bumblebee were to make their way up the fortress to break off the fortresses shielding and as soon as they fell Agent Fowler was to have the military take the fortress down, Ultra Magnus was to disable those fusion cannons, though for him to go alone, he should not be the one to go alone, just as Optimus has done many times and ha
:iconbelle-izumi:Belle-Izumi 2 0
Prey Part Two
"Lets go." Bumblebee said swiftly as he shooed her with his hand to get her to start running.
She ran with him only to spin around to run backwards as she squinted her eyes, her mouth slightly opened out of pure intriquition, but she couldn't see what Bee saw the Sun was too bright and produced the aftermath of that brightness as she started forward again, she squinted hard to get her vision back only to get frequent black shadows of the suns intense solar power. "Bee..." she panted, "what did you see?"
"Can't tell for sure, but i couldn't take any chances, they might've saw us." he said as going from sunshine to instant eerie glow of darkness took its toll on her eyes.
"I am transmitting our current co-ordinates..." Ratchets voice echoed from within.
Bee almost dived into the control room as Ellen brushed herself down of dust, "Ratchet, we saw something, and its airborne." he said frantically.
"What?" Ratchet said almost stunned.
Bee beckoned his hand as he jogged on ahead, Ellen roll
:iconbelle-izumi:Belle-Izumi 1 0
Prey Part One
A/N Day-um where did i get all these words from? O_o anyway i hope the wait will be worth it, i went pretty deep into this :3
well i've also included some memories which i didn't just pull out of my...well you get my meaning, no my stories are joined in Ellen's life, so this one story i had already prepared a chapter for but haven't put it on my other story yet because, well i haven't gotten that far yet :) but anyway maybe you could call the memories slight bonding time if you will between Ellen and Optimus, as i haven't done something like that for a long while because of all the *ooooh tensionnnn*
and of course i had included Ironhide briefly, which is who was speaking in the last chapter and who is mentioned in this one, so i will kick myself if he does enter the Prime universe via ship ¬_¬ oh well i made a mistake with the Star Saber but wasn't released until after i had written it so i have a reason :P I'm not psychic.
so italics (as you can probably guess) are memories p
:iconbelle-izumi:Belle-Izumi 1 0
It was the early hours of the next day as Ellen was half asleep in Ratchets cab, she heard a voice, though she only heard it faintly, but nonetheless she opened her eyes slightly, "Ratchet it's me, Ratchet?" She heard as she stirred wavering it off as some dream as she turned onto her side.
"Go away." Was Ratchets response typical for a dream to portray Ratchet in character.
A series of beeps were heard as she vaguely made it out as a "Why?" so Bumblebee was now a part of the dream?
"My head is cruel." She thought.
"You're interrupting my power down." Ratchet said. A series of beeps were heard again though she couldn't make out what was said that time, actually she was trying to ignore it she thought her head was messing with her some more.
"Come on Ratchet we need your help to find the others." She heard and was as clear as a bell that time, just the pitch itself was too accurate for it to sound unreal.
this time her eyes opened fully as she became aware that this w
:iconbelle-izumi:Belle-Izumi 2 0


CBNS: Funky Flirt Meme by 123soleil CBNS: Funky Flirt Meme :icon123soleil:123soleil 433 54 CB - human!Aku Uka brothers by Shaiger CB - human!Aku Uka brothers :iconshaiger:Shaiger 534 126 Summertime by Detoreik Summertime :icondetoreik:Detoreik 123 11 untitled by misspixel untitled :iconmisspixel:misspixel 264 27 Artorias cosplay 14 by zep-hindle Artorias cosplay 14 :iconzep-hindle:zep-hindle 87 8 Vore is gross but swallowing semen is ok? WTF? by Little-rolling-bean Vore is gross but swallowing semen is ok? WTF? :iconlittle-rolling-bean:Little-rolling-bean 252 513 My Digidestined! by Detoreik My Digidestined! :icondetoreik:Detoreik 1,051 153 Agumon, eat that laptop... by Detoreik Agumon, eat that laptop... :icondetoreik:Detoreik 552 59 ...A l w a y s  -  T o g e t h e r... by Detoreik ...A l w a y s - T o g e t h e r... :icondetoreik:Detoreik 380 37 Crossover of daughters no.2 Cover by angelwings5952 Crossover of daughters no.2 Cover :iconangelwings5952:angelwings5952 1 3 His little girl by angelwings5952 His little girl :iconangelwings5952:angelwings5952 3 3 Letting Go by RebeccaHudgens Letting Go :iconrebeccahudgens:RebeccaHudgens 118 22 Nightmare at Freddy's pg. 29 (Redone) by Wolfscar2810 Nightmare at Freddy's pg. 29 (Redone) :iconwolfscar2810:Wolfscar2810 273 241 Telling stories by angelwings5952 Telling stories :iconangelwings5952:angelwings5952 2 3
Against bullying...
Copied from Russetstar
A teacher in New York was teaching her class about bullying and gave them the following exercise to perform. She had the children take out a piece of paper and told them to crumple it up, stomp on it and really mess it up, not to rip it. Then she had them unfold the paper, smooth it out and look at how scarred and dirty it was. She then told them to tell it they're sorry. Now, even though they said they were sorry and tried to fix the paper, she pointed out all the scars they left behind. And that those scars will never go away no matter how hard they tried to fix it. That is what happens when a child bullies another child, they may say they're sorry, but the scars are there forever. The looks on the faces of the children in the classroom told her the message hit home. Copy and paste this if you are against bullying.
Let's see who will actually re-post this. This is a test to see who's paying attention. This is a test to see how many people list actually pay atte
:iconangelwings5952:angelwings5952 2 0
Anime Face Maker Mobile : Preview by gen8 Anime Face Maker Mobile : Preview :icongen8:gen8 244 69


I will not lie when seeing this in my messages, I mistook it for a screenshot. The first thing that this piece made me think of, as wel...



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COMM: Peeper Icons for Belle-Izumi by Melisu COMM: Peeper Icons for Belle-Izumi by Melisu COMM: Peeper Icons for Belle-Izumi by Melisu
I come on here regularly but not much on my profile, I'll sometimes upload wall art mostly made up of cartoon, anime figures, but i mostly write fan fiction, right now its a transformers phase but i also plan on doing, Naruto, Crash Bandicoot and Digimon too when I'm feelin' a crave for doing it :nana:

i set up this account back when i was in high school, since then i have done a three year course in animal care, have had a gap year and am now starting from the bottom (as everyone is) Art is a hobby for me but i rarely get round to it but fiction i can get done in a few hours each day :woohoo:

with drawing in general I'm one of those 'can picture absolute perfection in my head but cant put it down on paper' kind of person, which is annoying when you attempt to visualize an OC :confused: but meh that's why i am so grateful for character makers :headbang: lol

And of course those willing to create them for me,
The characters below are my most used OC's for the Transformers universe, their names in order, Ellen, Eve and Rochelle kudos to the artist who created these cute peepers, named Melisu
COMM: Peeper Icons for Belle-Izumi by Melisu COMM: Peeper Icons for Belle-Izumi by Melisu COMM: Peeper Icons for Belle-Izumi by Melisu
And of course my Digimon OC of whom my Deviant username is originally based made by the same person just below :D, including various styles of my OC's by awesome artists x3
Belle Chiblette by Melisu Commission: Belle by PhoebeShade Widget Comm: Belle-Izumi icon by Korhann Friend Commish by Graceafur Commish Wolf by Graceafur BI Commish by Dovski CM: Belle-Izumi 2 by Shis-Drim CM - Belle-Izumi by Wofiira TFP: What Are You Doing? by ERA-7S COMMISSION: For Belle-Izumi by RebeccaHudgens Commission : Optimus with the lil Ellen by papillonstudio PCM-Eve and Rochelle (1/2) by Kuraudia-Nunyesu CM: Belle-Izumi by Shis-Drim Comm: Ellen x Optimus by Evelynism Ellen and Jack by angelwings5952 Because we care about you! miko by angelwings5952 Ellen and Her Mom by ishgirl Rochelle,Ellen and Eve by angelwings5952 PCM-Belle-izumi (2/2) by Kuraudia-Nunyesu
Looks so purty now :D
Anyhoo i hope people stumble upon my stories and even my little wall drawings :dalove: and if anyone's interested my fanfiction name is crashrox92 i say this mainly because if you would like to review I'd prefer you do so on there :typerhappy:

oh and one more thing before i go, i literally do, submit and go, so for all those who have Favorited, Gave Llama badges and added stuff to there collections i thank you in advance and I'm sorry i can't personally thank you on your page due to time really :raincloud: but heres a crab to hopefully make up for it :leetcrab:

Current Residence: The Land of Cider and the Infamous breed of cattle :flaguk:
Favourite genre of music: I have a fondness for many
Wallpaper of choice: anything that reflects my personality.
Favourite cartoon character(S): Koushiro (Izzy) Izumi,Kabuterimon, many Naruto characters :P, Crash Bandicoot, Spiderman, Venom, Various Sonic the Hedgehog characters but mainly Knuckles and Eggman (Robotnik), Various Transformers characters, most notably Optimus Prime (G1, Bayverse, Prime, and whenever he appears in Rescue Bots :glomp: Ratchet, Ironhide, Ultra Magnus, Dreadwing, Knockout.
Personal Quote: Calm ya tits. :lick:

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transformers prime by starfire59 transformers prime :iconstarfire59:starfire59 141 41 TFP Christmas 2010 Wallpaper by Dark-WildCat TFP Christmas 2010 Wallpaper :icondark-wildcat:Dark-WildCat 762 149



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Hello, Belle-Izumi! Um, so, a while a go, you favourited one of my pictures (Twist Fate: Bill Cipher) and I made a fanfiction for it??…

I would greatly appreciate feedback, and since you liked the pic, I thought you'd like the fic as well? Thanks for your support by the way! >w<
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